Colonial Folk Art is dedicated to finding and selling the best folk and outsider art from the Southeastern United States. We search high and low to find some of the most creative and interesting artistic creations and discover new artists as well as pieces by those now considered folk art masters.

Folk and outsider art are more than a business to us, they are a passion.  For more than 20 years, we have been collecting folk and outsider art from around the world.  Now, we have decided to take it to the next level and bring these great artists and their work to the public.  Some names are familiar, but others are undiscovered treasures producing work under rural oak
trees or in urban jungles.
A sampling of works include:

  1. 1.“Chicken” by Howard Finster

  2. 2.“American Flag” by R.A. Miller

  3. 3.“Mud Fish” by Mose Tolliver

“American Flag”

Oil on Fiberglass

By Rev. R.A. Miller


Acrylic on Wood

By Heather Galler


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Christmas Ornaments


By Beverly Burgdorf


Oil on Wood

By Howard Finster

Face Jug


By Carl Block