We are finally getting a large place of our own!  Beginning in August 2014, we will be moving to 110 Bacon Avenue in the historic Williamsburg Arts District.  And even better, we are moving Beverly’s studio AND adding studio space to rent for up to 12 other artist to work at the same time.  This is all complete with a new professional-sized kiln!!!

As previous patrons know, CFA has been the source in Williamsburg for vintage and contemporary folk and outsider art in Williamsburg since 2010, mostly through the Williamsburg Antique Mall.  We will still have that location for antiquated books and maps, but Davie’s even bringing some of those over to Bacon and doing custom book binding and book restoration onsite.  Double WOW!!!

With our new location, we promise to keep that same passion for bringing the best in folk and outsider art to the Tidewater.  Adding an affordable art studio open to the art community with a kiln and some other basic tools-of-the-trade, we see CFA as being a game-changer for the art community in our area. And what’s even better?  (Feels like a gameshow, doesn’t it?) We’ve been scouring the Southeast for classic pieces from our favorite artists and finding new artists (Go ‘Mama Girl’ and ‘Squeeky’!!!)

Come visit as soon as you can! If you’re an artist and need a place to work, give us a call and come on down. We plan our grand opening for September 1, 2014, but we hope to have a “soft” opening by 20 August 2014, i.e. we’ll still be working through kinks but we’ll be ready to serve!

As our artist-in-residence, Beverly maintains a studio at the Bacon Ave. location and is always happy to answer questions from other artists, art lovers, patrons, and collectors.  She also teaches art classes for adults at CFA (... more to come on that in a few weeks!).

Our Mission

Colonial Folk Art Studio & Galley is dedicated to being the foremost provider of studio space conducive to creating visionary original artwork and the premier seller of contemporary and classic works of folk and outsider art created by talented artists.

Beverly Maybank Burgdorf  is a folk artist originally from South Carolina and Georgia (before settling in Williamsburg thanks to Davie and Uncle Sam). 

Multitalented, Beverly holds a studio art degree from Converse College and has been producing fantastic pottery, paintings, and mixed-media ever since.  She even designed a pioneering line of children’s clothes.

What things do we offer?
Working studio space for pro & novice artists
Vintage Folk and Outsider Artwork for sale
Contemporary Folk and Outsider Artwork for sale
Custom Embroidery 
Antiquated Books for sale
Antiquated Book Conservation
Custom Bookbinding Services
Art lessons (group and individual)
... and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Questions, comments? beverly@colonialfolkart.com

A Veteran-owned Company

Wearing a Uniform and looking for a promotion, retirement or farewell gift?  Military-themed antiquarian items are great and affordable!!!