At Colonial Folk Art Studio & Gallery we offer the best selection and quality of contemporary and vintage folk art in the Virginia Tidewater.

From classic folk artists such as the Rev. Howard Finster to contemporary artists such as "Squeakie" Stone, we have a huge variety of folk art to suit any taste.

Browsing through our wares, there are Face jugs from Georgia on the mantle next to a wooden "windvane" whaler made by a now-retired Colonial Williamsburg interpreter.

You will find colorful, whimsical paintings by Rob and Sheri Mann of Yorktown next to hand-made and -painted tables by John Boelte of Toano.

Scenes of rural Southern life blend with the gritty work of African American culture in the slums of Miami in works by Purvis Young.  

Be Smart, Buy Art!

Those are displayed next to hand-carved fish by Boelte and clay tumblers by Mississippi-born Angelique Tassistro.

Capture the tragedy of 9-11 in the art of North Carolina artist Benny Carter in his tributes to New York and the Statue of Liberty sitting next to the New Orleans flair of a Dr. Bob signature piece, “Be Nice or Leave.”

Not only do we offer this traditional fare, we also have handmade ornaments, embroidered hand towels, mixed-media paintings crafted by our artist-in-residence, Beverly Burgdorf.

As if that wasn't enough variety of folk art, we have fish leather bracelets from the Eastern Shore, enamel painted hand-hammered copper flower necklaces from Asheville, and other hand-made jewelry from Virginia.

Of course, we also offer some traditional works – all in an effort to show how dynamic and creative one can be in mixing folk and traditional art.  We have antiquated books – some reaching back to the 1600s – next to framed mid-1700s naval engravings, Civil War maps, nautical charts of the Southeast from the 1800s, and hand painted 1st edition Audubon engravings.

This only touches the surface and doesn't include all of the artists and forms of art we have to offer.  One must come in to see all we have to offer.

We understand not everyone can make it to Williamsburg to see our gallery.  For you (and the locals who want to order and come by to pick up items) we are offering a limited number of items for sale through our website.

Please take some time to pick some areas of interest and then find that perfect piece for your home decor, jewelry box, or art collection.  You won't be sorry you did!

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