Most people are interested in at least one of four different things when it comes to conserving an antiquated book:  shelf appeal, historic value, dollar value and use.  For many people, keeping a book in one piece for future generations to enjoy is paramount.  For others, there is a strong desire to have the book look as if it was just off the shelf 200 years ago.

These paths are valid and are usually possible unless a book has reached a point of no return.  Two further factors come into play also -- affordability.  Full restorations are very costly while conservation and conservation repairs are very affordable.


Saving Grandma's Bible

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How do I care for great-grandmama Susie's Bible? Or that first edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Like handcrafted bookbinding, book conservation and restoration are dying arts.  Most books published today are designed to be read and recycled.  But for those who love antiquated books, there is a great pride in holding a preserving a piece of history.

This 2-hour class is designed to help book lovers learn to take care of their cherished books and what to do -- and not to do -- to help preserve them for posterity.

Students taking this class will learn the basics of caring for books, especially antiquated books.  They will learn to evaluate their books to determine if they need restoration or preservation beyond the basics. They will also learn some tricks-of-the-trade to keep their books from becoming "crispy critters" or coming apart at the seams -- literally.

At the end of the class, students may have any of their books examined by the instructor for recomendations on care or preservation.  

Tuition: FREE

Students are encouraged to bring at least one antiquated or cherished book that they would like to preserve.

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Sample of  Conserved Books

A 1767 set of books rebound by Davie Burgdorf

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