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No room for a studio or equipment?

Don’t want to make a mess at home?

We are your answer!!!

About the Studio ...

Although we can't be everything to everybody, we have done our best to set up our studio space so that artists working in clay can work near artists working on mixed media, oil, acrylic, wood carving, pen and ink, pencil, chalk, scrapbooking, and embroidery. Just because the gallery sells folk and outsider art, doesn’t mean that the work in the studio has to be folk or outsider art!

Our studio is designed for artists of different skill levels, working in different forms of media who need a place to work.  We know there are some great art classes being taught in Williamsburg, but what do you do after taking the class?  For many, the answer is to take another class although all they really only want to do spend time in the studio working on their own projects.

The bottom line is that artists are not tied to trying to create a working studio in their home, trying to fight for space in an art class, buying equipment or hunting for places to use equipment.  Instead, they can work in our studio at a reasonable rate and not have to worry about the distractions of a home studio and have an artist-in-residence who is generous with her time in making sure everyone in the studio who needs help and advice receives it. and promote the freedom of expression artists need to create new, visionary works.

As for equipment, we have easels, an extruder, a slab roller, two kilns capable of firing up to Cone 10, Highwater clay, glazes, heavy-duty work tables, basic brushes, two potter's wheels, a “Cricket” die-cutting machine, an embroidery/sewing machine, lockers for

We are unique and our concept is different for the Williamsburg area, but we want to make the Williamsburg Arts District an integral part of the community.  We welcome all artists to come to the studio and see what we have to offer.  Hopefully, you’ll like what you see and seek the benefits of working in a place where fellow artists are willing to share ideas and camaraderie.

About our rates ...

Our rates are about flexibility and affordability.

For an artist who needs a full-time studio in which to work, our monthly rates are the best option since they include full use of the studio for an entire calendar month.  There are no limits on the number of visits/working sessions during that period, i.e. an artist could come in every day we are open for every hour we are open (six days a week).  The monthly cards, however, are non-transferrable.

For an artist or crafter who only needs occasional, sporadic studio usage, a 5- or 10-day card may be the answer.  It is flexible in that there is no timeframe within a year for using the card.  For example, one may get a 10-day card and use it twice in January, once in March, six days in November and one day in December.  These are literally “punch cards" and may be transferred by simply giving the card to someone else to use.

Hourly and daily rates give the ultimate flexibility.  This option is for someone who wants to try out the studio or simply needs to occasionally use our equipment.

Affordable and Flexible Studio Rates

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What we offer is unique in our area.  Based on a successful concept in other art districts in the Southeast (including Asheville, N.C., Richmond, Columbia, S.C., etc.), we have created an environment and opportunity for artists of all skill levels a place to work.  For novice artists, the open studio is a place to bring the skills you’ve learned and take your own creativity and put it to work. For professional artists, it’s a place to work in an art-conducive environment, not have to buy extra equipment (e.g. get the house rewired for a kiln), and not have to find space to set up a home studio.

storing supplies, room for drying clay and other works.

At any given time, we can accommodate 12 artists working in the studio.  We have a large sink for clay and a smaller sink for cleaning hands and brushes.  The building and our restroom are handicap accessible to accommodate artists with physical disabilities -- and the handicapped parking space is directly outside our door