Book conservation, repair and binding services are a unique and dying art. CFA is proud to be one of the few locations in the Hampton Roads area to offer these services.

CFA offers:

     Custom binding

     Conservation repair

     Basic Repairs

o     Reattach spines

o     Recreate spines

o     Reattach pages

     Extensive repairs

o     Board replacement

o     Partial rebinding

     Extensive restoration

o     Full rebinding

In book conservation and restoration, there are many different ways to deal with a book but there are four main considerations:  shelf appeal, historic value, dollar value and use.  For many people, keeping a book in one piece for future generations to enjoy is paramount.  For others, there is a strong desire to have the book look as if it was just off the shelf 200 years ago.

Both of these paths are valid and are usually possible unless a book has reached a point of no return.  Another factor is affordability.  Full restorations are very costly (potentially thousands of dollars) while conservation repairs are very affordable (sometimes under $100).

CFA follows a policy of “Primum Non Nocere” – Do No Harm.

Each book, restoration, budget is different.  To determine the way ahead, CFA’s book expert must evaluate the condition of the book and get a solid understanding of the customer’s ultimate vision for the book before any work is done.

Initially, CFA will do an estimate for repair/ conservation/ restoration work and make recommendations for work to be done.  There is no charge for an estimate.  

Once CFA management and the customer agree to the expected end state of the book and an estimated cost, CFA will issue a work authorization, signed by the customer. Customers will make a deposit equal to 50 percent of the estimated repairs. This may be waived by management.

Customers will be advised that doing extensive repairs to valuable books can diminish the value.  

Customers and CFA management will agree to an estimated time for the work to be completed.  Based upon other work being done, the extensiveness of the repairs/ conservation/ restoration, and needs of the customer, an expected completion date will be established.  

Customers will be notified by their preferred method when work is complete or if there are unforeseen complications.  This should be done as soon as possible and by the expected completion date

Once a customer is notified the work is completed, he has 30 days to return to get the book.  Reminders will be done by the primary and secondary means of contact each week.

If a book remains unclaimed for more than 30 days without an agreed pick-up date outside of that window, the book will become the property of CFA and will be sold to recover the cost of the remaining balance of the repairs.

Books may be shipped to a customer once the balance of repair and shipping costs are paid.

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