Code of Conduct


Colonial Folk Art Studio & Gallery


The Colonial Folk Art Studio and Gallery (“CFA”) Code of Conduct is to provide a written manifestation of the corporate philosophy and how that relates to the expectations of the patrons using studio facilities.

CFA Philosophy

CFA is committed to maintaining an inclusive community that recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of every person; fosters tolerance, sensitivity, understanding and mutual respect among its patrons; stimulates creativity, promotes the exchange of ideas and enriches employees, customers and the arts community; and encourages each individual to strive to reach his or her own potential. To that end, CFA seeks to create a safe, nurturing, professional environment in the studio for artists of all levels and aspirations.

Code of Conduct

Patrons will:

     Treat each other with dignity and respect

     Use all tools and equipment safely

     Wear clothes, hair, jewelry, etc. that allows you to safely use tools and equipment

     Report any unsafe conditions or actions by employees or other patrons to CFA management immediately

     Ask permission from the CFA staff about materials that may be hazardous or produce noxious or offending fumes prior to using them

     Listen to and obey any safety instructions from CFA staff

     Take responsibility for their own actions and those of any guests/observers

     Keep work areas safe

     Clean up work areas prior to departure

     Be good stewards of the environment and all common equipment and supplies

     Respect the workspace of other patrons, including keeping personal noise levels to a minimum, i.e. “inside voices,” and refraining from using electronic devices except with headphones

     Write your name on any tools that you bring to the studio, especially if they may get left out

     Take finished works home to enjoy and share

     Have an inspired, safe and fun time using imagination and innovation in the creation of amazing works of art

Patrons will NOT:

     Smoke or use tobacco products on CFA premises (including the parking lot)

     Borrow or steal tools, supplies or equipment from CFA or other patrons

     Touch, disturb, damage, or play with artwork created by (or being created by) others without their express permission

     Shake rags or mops inside or trim dry clay on the wheel

     Conduct any illegal or immoral activities.

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