The studio is a place of creativity and expression for both experienced and inexperienced artists.  It offers a unique environment from which to work and explore new ideas or improve and learn new techniques, media, etc.

Since CFA has a resident artist, it is also a place conducive to sharing ideas, methods and technical expertise with other artists.

CFA welcomes artists with a variety of talents in a variety of media.  Artists are expected to bring their own media and tools-of-the-trade.  A limited number of items will be available for sale at CFA and some other artist’s tools will be provided as part of renting studio time.

Unfortunately, use of certain materials or tools may be too dangerous for use in the open studio.  Although we encourage the artistic talents of artists in nearly all media, we reserve the right to refuse to rent space to an artist whose tools or materials would unduly disturb others or create a hazard to the property, employees or other customers.  

Required Customer Conditions for Studio Usage

It shall be the policy of CFA that the use of CFA studio areas is subject to the following conditions:

1.     Signing of a release of liability.

2.     Supervising all persons under the age of 18 by an adult.

3.     Agreement to exhibit courteous and non-disruptive behavior at all times.

4.     Agreement to maintain common courtesy in the use of common tools/areas, e.g. the sink, wheels, extruder, etc.

5.     Agreement to clean up workspace by the completion of purchased time.

Rates and Deposits

The management sets studio rates.  Those rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.  

Deposits for use of equipment is currently not currently required.  This policy is subject to change at any time without notice.  


CFA is a safe, nurturing environment.  CFA reserves the right to protect its employees, patrons and property at all times.  

Disruptive or profane behavior will not be tolerated.  If appropriate, the management may warn a patron that their behavior is disturbing the work of other patrons or the atmosphere within the gallery.  If the behavior continues or if the behavior is so grievous that it demands immediate action, management will ask the disruptive patron to leave the property.

As such, any patron displaying violent or threatening behavior – verbally or physically – will immediately be asked to leave the property.  Failure to leave will result in law enforcement intervention.  

No refunds for unused studio time or deposits will be made to any patron asked to leave for disruptive, profane or threatening behavior.


Use of the kiln is only by CFA employees.  Patrons are not allowed to use the kiln under any circumstances.  

CFA management reserves the right to inspect pieces of art prior to their entry into the kiln to ensure they are safe to fire.


CFA firmly believes in Safety First!  Unsafe acts conducted by employees or patrons must be immediately reported to management who will immediately do everything within their power to mitigate or eliminate the risk.  

Failure by an employee to follow safety procedures or stop unsafe acts may result in termination of employment.  

Patrons who conduct unsafe acts will be warned and told to cease unsafe activity.  Failure to stop the activity or continued unsafe acts by a patron will result in their being asked to leave CFA property.  

CFA employees will conduct inspections of all activities, equipment and tools throughout the workday or upon reports of broken or unsafe tools, unsafe chemical usage, unsafe activity, etc.

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