So why do we fly those historic flags at Colonial Folk Art?

Well, I guess it has some to do with the guy to the left. His name was William Richardson Davie, and I am one of his descendants. In short, Davie was a Patriot and a partisan leader in North Carolina and South Carolina during the Revolution.

His bravery and military cunning, along with that of many others like him, is the reason we are the United States today.

I won't give a full history of Davie - there are literally books written about him - but he was a founding father, the Father of the University of North Carolina, and an ambassador to France under Napoleon during the XYZ Affair.

I will eventually do a discussion series on the Revolution and some of the lesser-known founding fathers, but going back to the flags ...

Without freedom, the arts wouldn't be possible. As a veteran, I want to honor Davie, and the other men and women who fought for the freedom of this nation. Their sacrifices have allowed for the creative forces and freedom of expression we love to enjoy in the arts.

What a great, creative nation!!!

Flags Flown at Colonial Folk Art

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Betsy Ross Flag -- She probably didn't make it but she got the credit! Virginia State Flag -- Established in the 1860s, this is still the flag of Virginia. Ben Franklin Flag -- Join or Die was from a political cartoon by Franklin and was used in the Revolution and in the Civil War. Bennington Flag -- Flag used by U.S> forces at the Battle of Bennington. Moultrie Flag -- Flag (or a variation thereof) used by Gen. Moultrie in the defeat of the British in the first battle of Charleston. U.S. Army Flag -- Although the senior service (founded first), the Army was the last military branch to have its own flag.  This flag was created in the 1950s. Washington Headquarters Flag -- Personal HQ flag for George Washington. 50-Star Flag -- Our current national flag.
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