Sales Policy


CFA is dedicated to treating customers with respect and will work with customers to resolve any problems that may arise from works or services sold by CFA.  

All sales of art objects are final.

Sales of art supplies and tools are final.  Customers should inspect any supplies before leaving the gallery.  Defective or damaged tools may be returned in unused condition within seven (7) days for exchange of the same make and model.

“Acceptance” Sales

At its discretion, management may allow a customer to take a work of art home with the ability to return that work within three working days (“Acceptance Sale”).  This is to allow the customer to better determine if the piece “fits” in their home/office/etc.  

Customers are required to put a security deposit on a credit card.  The credit card will not be processed until the customer notifies CFA of “acceptance” or at end of the third working day, whichever is soonest.

Works purchased under this policy will be returned in the exact same condition without any alteration, including the addition of wiring, hanging hooks, frames, etc.  If any changes have been made to the work of art, its frame or other hardware, CFA will determine the sale “accepted” and the customer will be charged for the purchase.

Commissioned Works (including customized artwork, book binding, and embroidery)

CFA offers cbookbinding and commissioned art services.   All of these services require a work order.

Customers are responsible for ensuring all spelling, initials, etc. are correct on the work order.  

All custom work requires a 50 percent, non-refundable deposit before any work will be done.

Sale of custom and personalized works of art are final. Unless specified in writting, the copyright for original works of art remain with the artist.

The only exception to this policy is for damage prior to delivery or mistakes on the part of the artist in spelling a name, etc. that was correct on the work order.

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